Hi, I'm Russel!

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Coloring: Black/Tan (Hypoallergenic)
Adult Size: 15 lbs
F1/1st Generation (Poodle and Cavalier King Charles parents) Multigenerational Champion Heritage!
Description: Meet Russell! He LOVES people, loves his siblings and loves playing with his toys (Mr. Beaver is his favorite. Russell’s just not sure why Mr. Beaver won’t come down and play with him too. Mr. Lion and the ball are a close second to Mr. Beaver as his favorite toys) Russell just LOVES LIFE TO THE FULLEST! That little tail of his is so so happy all the time and he gives out the sweetest, most loving kisses. Russell also enjoys down time with whoever is available to sit and cuddle with him. You will never have a “down” day with this baby boy in your life!!

Please view Russell’s video and if you have any questions or would like to discuss adoption further, please feel free to call or text 865-805-2942 or email through our “Contact” page found on this website. Grace

"Russel's” Sire comes from FAMOUS CHAMPION Cavalier bloodlines as well as his Poodle Mother! Nothing but the BEST from Cavapoos R Us!

$5,650.00 “Spring into Love” Sale!

We do offer a flight nanny service as well as a driver if needed. Our fur babies can be found all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany as well as other European Countries.

Our Cavapoo puppy parents are carefully selected for their Champion Bloodlines which will ultimately result in puppies that are exceptionally beautiful, ones that will live longer and healthier lives and have outstanding personalities!!!

“Another one of our beautiful pups that has gone on to be a therapy dog. Thank you Comfort Connections for being one of our biggest fans!”

What Our Adoptive Families Have To Say:

“Hi, Grace! Hope you are well. Just wanted to let you know that we are loving life with Bailey. She is amazing with the kids, so easy to train, and the most loving companion. Here is a recent picture of her. Thank you again for giving her a great start! -Deb”

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Russel's Puppy Pictures