Here are a few very good YouTube training links. Feel free to draw from them according to your lifestyle. You may find that combining all of these videos will work for you.

Just a note: Our puppies have already begun the potty-training process as well as they’re used to sleeping through the night in their own crates before they go to your home. What does this look like? It has to do with several things but the first is no water after a specific time at night and if you’re one of my “Adoptive Families” I’ll provide you with MY “Sample Schedule” so you can continue what we’ve already started!

The Difference is in the Details! The ease of bringing a new puppy home is all in the “start” they were given before they reach their furever families.

Two of the most important things to remember are that you use a schedule and that you’re consistent. There are many more wonderful videos on YouTube….but here are a couple to check out! Grace