What Is A Cavapoo??

A Cavapoo is the mix between a Cavalier King Charles and a Poodle. Such a mix brings together the smart, graceful, sweet and gentle nature of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with the loyal, remarkable intelligence and distinguished athleticism of the Poodle. The purpose of mixing these breeds was to create a small, fun, intelligent dog that didn’t shed and would be good for families. The result of pairing these two breed was the Cavapoo!

Cavapoo Temperament & Behavior

It’s absolutely impossible for a Cavapoo NOT to be charming!! Like both of it’s parents, the Cavapoo is sweet, gentle, loyal, adaptable and extremely intelligent. They are people-oriented, outgoing, affectionate, fun loving, playful and sporty, like their ancestors. Cavapoos have the potential to be highly trainable and can learn commands and tricks very quickly.

Cavapoos make an excellent choice for families of all sizes and ages and with their moderate activity level, they can play with the children, take a walk around the block, run errands in the car or curl up in the living room for a time of relaxation. They make devoted companions for both the young and young at heart and are a great breed for the first time dog owner. Let me not fail to also mention they’re ability to make outstanding therapy dogs! What an amazing breed!

Defining Characteristics of a Cavapoo

Cavapoos can come in many colors such as either solid, phantom or parti colors, in which a dominant color can be broken up by other colors in patches or tints. Their hair can be long and silky or curly. Cavapoos have a great coat for allergy sufferers! As for size, 8-25 lbs. can be the typical sizes found in the Cavapoo breed. They are small in size, sturdy in body and big in heart!