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I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW MANY TIMES IN A WEEK WE HEAR “YOU HAVE THE CUTEST, MOST BEAUTIFUL PUPPIES ON THE INTERNET!” It’s puppies like Tanner that make a way for us to hear these wonderful comments!!!

People tell us all the time that they are always drawn back to our website and our puppies because of the love, care, beauty and quality!….they can just tell the DIFFERENCE!! A big THANK YOU to everyone who “bless our socks off” with such encouragement!!

Just look at this little guy…..he is the complete package!! BEAUTIFUL coat of ruby hair with some splashes of white. EYES that will MELT anyone’s heart and a PERSONALITY of whimsical joy! What more could you ask for? I’d love to talk to you further about our Tanner. Feel free to call or email today!

“Tanner’s” Sire comes from FAMOUS English CHAMPION Cavalier bloodlines as well as his Poodle Mother! Nothing but the BEST from Cavapoos R Us!


What Adoptive Families Have To Say:

“Hi Grace, How is it possible to pack so much love into a little body weighing only 10 lbs. Emmy is the sweetest most affectionate dog we have ever had. We take her everywhere as she always prefers to be at our side. She snuggles with us in bed and kisses us good night and good morning every day. We gave her an extra kiss and hug and told her it was from you! -Mark”

If you would like more information on our current or future puppies, please call 865-805-2942 or email us today from our “Contact Us” page!



Tanner’s Puppy Pictures