Hi, I'm Bailee!

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Oh sweet baby girl….you are such a love with your HAPPY TAIL and your SWEET KISSES! You take after your Mamma…with all that sugary sweetness!! Bailee has a SUPER PERSONALITY …… just like her siblings. Her butterscotch and white coat of fur is perfect for the allergy sufferer. This baby girl is just full of CUTENESS!….(I mean…. it’s going to be hard to tell this little girl that she can’t have every treat and toy in the house!) Bailee has the MOST DARLING little FACE! Are you looking for a SNUGGLE BUG? Bailee is your gal! As for her adult weight, that looks to be right around 15 lbs.

I’d love for you to email or call today for more information. Best, Grace
Our puppies are NOT inexpensive. There is a big difference between “Price” and “Cost”. People often interchange price and cost, but it’s important to recognize the significant difference between the two. Remember the old adage, “Beware the cost of the lowest price”? Well, it rings true. Just because you may find a Cavapoo that is less expensive than a Cavapoos R Us puppy, doesn’t mean you will save money in the long run!! PLEASE, before you compromise and adopt that cheaper pup for a lesser “Price”, ask yourself if it will really be worth the “Cost” in the end.

“Bailee’s” Sire comes from FAMOUS English CHAMPION Cavalier bloodlines as well as his Poodle Mother! Nothing but the BEST from Cavapoos R Us!


What Our Adoptive Families Have To Say:

Hi Grace! I just wanted to share a birthday picture on his special day! Wrigley is such a sweet soul and has brought so much love to our family! Thanks so much! Lori

Thank goodness for our precious dog during this strange time! Our family just loves him. He absolutely loves our kids. He trains so easy too. He rings an electronic doorbell with his nose to go outside. We just love him! -Sarah

Our Cavapoo puppy parents are carefully selected for their Champion Bloodlines which will ultimately result in puppies that are exceptionally beautiful, ones that will live longer and healthier lives and have outstanding personalities!!!

If you would like more information on our current or future puppies, please call 865-805-2942 or email us today from our “Contact Us” page!



Bailee's Puppy Pictures