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Hi.... Brody here! I wanted to share with you the big adventure I had last week. Mama Grace and I spent all day together shopping and getting my hair cut! Then the next day she took me to go eat with her before it was time for me to go to my new forever home. I had such a great time!


Love, Brody

4 generations of Cavapoos R Us dogs celebrating Stanley's first birthday. Stanley was happy to celebrate with his older sister Daisy and younger sister Roxy. The three of them were very excited to meet their new brother Milo. All 4 dogs live within 1-2 mile radius of each other and have weekly play dates. It is amazing how strong of a bond the dogs have together. Everywhere we go with Roxy we get stopped. They say how beautiful and well tempered she is. You raised really sweet and loving dogs.




We are in love with our newest family member, Mavis!! Thank you so much Grace!!

She arrived safely and was so happy to meet us. She kissed and hugged my daughter all the way home. Thanks for everything!




Archie and Maddie are inseparable! They are just the best of friends.


Hi -

Tucker had a great birthday!

He is the best dog ever. Everyone loves him. He spent the afternoon in central park with me and a friend.

Hope you are well.



Mr.Oliver on video! Check him out!

Hi Grace,

Just wanted to let you know that Mr. Oliver is adjusting so well. He is such a great little guy! He slept all night and is doing amazing with his potty training we are so blessed to have him in our family.

Thank you!



Miss Roxy sporting her new hair cut!!!!



This is just too cute!!!! One of our past Cavapoos all grown up! Mr. Cooper is being very patriotic!!

Miss Charlie is coming up on 1 year old! She weighs around 13 lbs. She is such a sweetheart and is always giving kisses and cuddles. We just moved into a new home with more city action, so she is adjusting to that and learning new behaviors. Thank you so much, Grace, for breeding such an amazing dog. We adore her!!!

Beth M


Beth M.

"This is just too cute!!! Sophie with her snuggle puppy!"

It was so nice meeting Hallie and her wonderful Mom today! They flew in to pick up Hallie's new baby girl Brooklyn. Welcome to the Cavapoo's R Us family Hallie!

He has filled our ❤️s! - Kelly

Cavapoo siblings celebrating Memorial Day together at a barbecue...sister Roxy (baby sister in the far back), brother Stanley (front left) and big sister Daisy (front right). They get together every week for play dates!

One of our past babies is now a model for a local boutique! Check them out on social media #spoiledrottenknox


Here's a couple of recent pics. To say we are obsessed with Stanley is an understatement.



The latest picture of Charlie..... isn't she just a doll!


Ringo and Luna playing frisbee.


He's doing great! He and Luna are now best buddies. They have made tons of human and canine friends in downtown Frankfort. He's growing like a weed -he was 23 lbs a month ago. He loves to take baths! He goes for his first big boy haircut in early May.


Roxy and Daisy... two sisters playing. Roxy is the smaller one. Stanley, Daisy and Roxy have play dates every week!


Hi Grace!


We wanted to wish you a Happy National Puppy Day!


Best, Kelly

Hi Grace!


I wanted to send you a pic of Charlie from her preschool graduation day! She is so smart and has such good manners. We love her so much!



Hi Yvonne and Grace,


I am Joanna's mom, and have been meaning to write you for so long to let you know how much we love sweet Cooper. He is truly one of the smartest and sweetest dogs my husband and I have ever met, and is so perfect for Dave and Joanna! Thank you for the amazing job you do as breeders!

Here is a video I made of him.






We are so in love! He is a true Angel. My two girls are on the left and then my twin sister's girls are on the right. He adores the girls as much as they adore him! Thank you so much for connecting us with him. He is truly a bit of heaven here on Earth! All the best!



Hi! He's doing great! Still super sweet and friendly. He's about 20 pounds now, and has just the funniest personality. He is always ready to play, and has such an expressive face. He is really good about staying off the furniture, and telling us when he needs to go out without barking (he sort of snuffles at us, or just goes to the back door and waits. He's never aggressive though, and is really sweet with the kids. Always ready for a snuggle, but not pushy or demanding at all. We love him, he is the funniest and cutest little guy and I'm so glad he's part of our family.

Thank you so much! Let us know if you continue breeding puppies. My kids love to see the pictures of the new pups on your website.



As you can see, he is quite the character and a pure delight to be around. He keeps us entertained daily and is a perfect fit in the family.


Hi Grace,


Little Leo is doing great! He just got neutered and everything went very well. It has been so easy to train him and his personality is just amazing. When he's excited to see my husband and I, he not only wags his tail but wiggles his butt uncontrollably. It's the cutest thing. We can't imagine life without him and I seriously don't know why anyone lives without a dog now! Here is a current photo...

Hi Grace!

Charlie is doing great! She was spayed a couple weeks ago and bounced back really quickly. Almost too quickly, it was hard to keep her calm :)She has learned so many tricks. Sit, lay down, roll over, jump up, hug, and kiss. We are working on no bark and place. Her most favorite thing to do is laser tag. She could play that forever! She is an amazing companion and will follow us around, or lay in the middle of the kitchen so she doesn't miss a thing. She is adored by all. Every morning the kids go bonkers for her and when they get home from school too. Thanks for checking in on her!!!


Miss Ella is one of our past Cavapoo babies!

How precious is this picture!

Here is another picture of Tucker and his best friend. I just thought it was to cute!

Roxy is doing very well. She slept through the night without an accident. She loves her snuggle buddy. She slept on top of him. She was exhausted yesterday with the trip and some friends coming over to meet her. She is definitely more outgoing and energetic today.


Brody is doing great! Both boys love him.

He has soooo much personality it's hilarious!!! We love him so much!


Rex's First Photo Shoot!


How cute is this video of Rocky learning how to play dead!                                     

Hi Grace! Just thought I would check in with you to let you know how things are going. We changed Toby's name to George - after King George -George Strait, the king of country. Yes, we are big country music fans. I call him Georgie. It seems to fit. We are getting used to each other and having lots of fun.


I have a friend who is a photographer and she took a couple of pictures for us. I thought I would share them with you. As you can see, he is still really cute!


Thanks again for such a great addition to our family!



We can't go anywhere without people stopping to see her!