UPDATE: Hi there, I wanted to let you all know that Franklin is doing WONDERFUL. The kids (and us) are so happy with our sweet puppy and he’s just so darn cute. All is well and I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic job you all are doing/have done with your breeding. Anyway, just wanted to check in and say thanks. Wishing all of you the happiest of holidays !!


Alicia (Kevin, Kendyl, Kourtney and Kam too)

Hello all, I can't believe sweet little Ella is one... time sure does fly! On her birthday she celebrated in style with a pink party hat and a huge birthday cake (made by a local dog bakery). Ella is still full of energy, sweet, and so smart. She loves meeting new people, especially children and the elderly. Her favorite things are playing "soccer", cuddles, and learning new tricks. It amazes me how quickly she picks up on new tricks! I hope all of you are staying safe during these wildfire scares, you've been in our thoughts and prayers.


Hope you have a safe and happy holidays,

Annie & Ella

Hi Grace and Yvonne!


This is your Carlie, growing up so fast! She is fully potty trained and rings the bell by the door to let us know when she has to go. She follows me wherever I go and loves to cuddle on the couch. She also loves playing with puppies at puppy preschool a couple times a week. She is learning so many good manners there too. Today was the first day it snowed this season and she was a little unsure about stepping in it. Isn't she adorable in her new winter coat?! We love our Charlie so much! She brings such joy to us! Have a great Thanksgiving with your family!



Hi Grace/Yvonne,


We are SO enjoying our Cavapoo puppy! We named him Leo. He's 10 weeks today and already knows how to sit on command!





Well, we have the most adorable and sweet little baby ever! I was so impressed how friendly she was from the first moment we saw her. She’s exploring her new world and seeming to fit right in and even really love it so far. She and Einstein have made fast friends already. They played together and Einstein was surprisingly gentle. She’s gone on her potty pads every time she’s had to go! Wow! What a first day. Thanks for raising such a sweet puppy. It’s obvious by how well adjusted, happy and socialized she is that you and your family have taken exemplary care of her. My 3 kids will not go to bed as they are too excited! She is cracking them up with her cute puppy antics.........




Another happy Cavapoos R Us adoptive family! These two look like they came straight out of Frozen....Elsa and Anna!! :) How perfect! Had to share a few more pictures! My 3 year old daughter is so in love with her new sis. She decided to read her a book!


C Good

Mr. Stanley with his new forever family!!

Our baby is home.....he is happy! We both are thrilled. This sweet puppy slept all the way home, never wet on me. Snuggled, licked, did everything PERFECTLY. Charmed my best friend once we arrived in Atlanta, made the neighbors ooooh and aaahhh and squeal with delight when they came to admire him... a welcome to his new life that is just so sincere and genuine. Of course, I had spent the four hours in the car falling in love with him. I just want to assure you, Yvonne, that I am so very happy with our puppy, and feel that we have made the most wonderful investment in our family and our shared pleasure in a “baby.”


Thank you for your patience and diplomacy today as we struggled to choose just one of your adorable puppies. It

was difficult, but we will settle into our new life as a family now. I believe that God’s will prevails, and I know that this puppy is perfect for our home and our hearts. Please know that we appreciate your kindness, professional attitude yet warmth, in your dealing with us today as we became attached to two of your darling puppies. Now all three of us are at home and are feeling very bonded, though just at the beginning of our special journey together.


Sweet dreams to all who love!!



Hi Grace!


I just wanted to give you a little update. First, we are so in love with our puppy!!! We named her Charlotte, and call her Charlie for short. She has slept through the night without a peep every night. I took her to the vet yesterday and he said Charlie is a very healthy pup. She is well socialized and very mild mannered. The vet said she must have come from a wonderful breeder :) She is 4.8 lbs as of today. Here she is with my oldest daughter getting ready to leave for her homecoming dance this past weekend. We adore her and love her so much! Thank you so much for all the love and care

you gave her!!


Beth M

Our Lilly is a wonderful precious girl whom we love so much. She has been so healthy and everywhere we go people have to ask us about her. We take her everywhere we go and we do some traveling. Last year we adopted a mini schnauzer who was left outside with no protection and had never been groomed. We took her hoping that Lilly would like her. Since she had been alone with us we weren’t sure. Well, it took about 2 weeks and Lilly had her trained. They are so good together and play and sleep with us. I just wanted to update you and let you know that Miss. Lilly is such a sweet natured dog, so quiet. We truly cannot thank you enough for her. If all your puppies are like her, everyone must be truly satisfied.


Thank you again!

Keith and Linda F

I hope you all had a wonderful summer! Ella and I managed to stay busy! One of Ella's favorite things this summer was spending time camping! She had lots of room to run and she even learned how to play "soccer." She's been such a joy to have. She continues to impress everyone with all of her tricks, manners, and of course cuteness! When people ask me how old she is, they are amazed when I tell them only 9 months old. They can't believe that she is so well behaved at such a young age! She's a very social dog and loves to go wherever I go, especially when we get to see my nieces and nephews. She loves kids and is such a good sport when they play with her! Thank you again for all of the love and care you gave to Ella.



"We love him!!! He's so sweet!!! -Rhonda G"

Meet Tucker, #spoiledrottenknox and #southernmadetees new store pup! He was formerly our Tux. What a sweet model and store mascot he is. www.cavapoosrus.com

Dear Grace:


Lacy is doing wonderfully. She is a "on the job" puppy and I bring her to work every day. She sits with me most of the day. Check out our website, we put her on it! One of our employees is holding her, Isabel. She has the most adorable looks and is quite the charmer. I will send you some photos but they do not do her justice. Zeus loves her and she is thriving very well. We love her.


Thanks, Paula.

Thank you for choosing the right dog for me. You have gone far and beyond the call of duty with your help, patience, and information. You’ve set a stellar example that all breeders should follow.

Fondly, Mary B



Just thought you'd like to see this shot of Willie (and me). He is such a great little dog! As expected, we have bonded very quickly with him. He is so adorable, sweet and fun. He does so well in his crate probably thanks to you guys training him well. He sleeps beautifully through the night...even longer than I do sometimes. I'll send you more pics as he ages.


Just an update: Ginger (Ava) is doing great! She seems so well adjusted and absolutely thrives on being with us:) night one she was a little whiny but she had a great night last eve and has been keeping the crate dry and no house accidents. We LOVE her. She is perfect for our family!


P.S. - she is already responding to her new name and is sooo easily trained. What a gift!


We are making progress! Welby, is now Ringo. He is doing well with the house training and crate training. We've walked him around the block and he and Luna have done well with that too. Our vet was impressed with the great care he received with you! Thanks again, and we'll keep you updated! He's a great dog!

Vicki and John

Piper arrived safely and happily greeted me with her tail wagging so hard her entire body wagged with it. She's so happy and super cuddly. She didn't have any accidents in her carrier!! I was shocked! She is clean and perfect! I am already in love! Thank you for all the wonderful toys and adorable stocking! You have made this Christmas even better!

Thank you! Shana

Dear Grace,


Lu Lu has brought me more joy than you will ever know!! Thank you!! Take Care.


I wanted to let you know about our little man. You were right. He is absolutely a joy and sooo precious. I am head over heels! But, luckily, so is everyone else. He is a dream to care for as well. So intelligent. So well-behaved. He has practically house broken himself. He has so many wonderful qualities that can only be contributed to breeding. I cannot tell you how much I adore him. I would love to have 3 more just like him but I’m afraid my husband would leave.....HAHA. But he loves Beau just as much as I do and enjoys him immensely. We are so happy and he’s one happy little man too!!

Bobbi N

Hi Grace!!


We adore our girl! She has been going to puppy preschool the last couple weeks and is doing so well. She loves going to play with other puppies :) I took this pic of us today when I picked her up from preschool and thought I would send it to you.


Hi there,


I just had to tell you how sweet and precious Lil Louie is (named after Louie

Vuitton of course)! He slept all the way to Pigeon Forge after leaving your home. The next day he slept all the way home. On his first night with me, he only cried 2 minutes then fell asleep. He slept until 4:00 am-What a sweet baby!

I’ve never seen a puppy who draws so much attention from strangers. It amazed me as well as my parents. The more attention Louie gets, the more he shows off. We took him with us to do a little shopping. One lady was so taken with him that she had to take his picture. I do believe he understood and posed and smiled for her. I took him to the vet on Friday, all the ladies there had a fit over him. He was enjoying himself-he was barking and jumping and giving kisses to everyone. Of course, the vet said he is perfect!

Andy (Louie’s new big brother) has been very sweet and patient with him. Last night they were both sleeping in my lap-Louie worked his way closer and closer until he was snuggled against Andy. Sweet, sweet, sweet.


Thank you for such a precious, precious puppy. Rest assured Louie is loved very


Thanks-Dinah T

Dear Daisy Doll (Mommy):


I have officially lived with my new family for one week as of today! Boy, what fun it is to learn about a new family and home.

I am eating well and have adjusted with no problems. I am on a feed schedule three times a day and a snack before bed. My new family has bought me MANY toys to play with and MANY snuggle beds to rest in throughout the house. My favorite is the fleece blankets!! I enjoy spending the days in the kitchen with my new owner mom, and resting in my

new owner dad’s office. I get to sit on a lot of laps during the day!


I have adjusted to my crate for sleeping at night. I have a quiet time bed cushion, the scent cloth from your home, and “Mr. Teddy” yellow bear from your home as well inside my crate. Guess what? I haven’t had one accident in my crate! I also have a fun ex- pen that I am in occasionally. Most of the time, however, I am supervised and tag along with each family member throughout the day, so I get lots of attention and exercise.


Each school day, my new owner mom lets me greet the children getting off the bus. All the students think I’m cute as well as the bus driver! I am becoming famous on the block!!! Well, it is now time for a potty break and then for a small snack before bed. Just

wanted to let you know that I am doing great and having lots of fun! “Paws and Licks”!

Love, “Fonzie”

Hi there,


This is from Thais, Valerie and Gregg. Bianca is now 7 months old and she is so much a part of our family. We absolutely love her so much that it is hard to imagine our home without her. She is absolutely a loving, happy puppy. She is growing so healthy (she is about 9 pounds now) and beautiful. I still take her with me pretty much everywhere (when she is not on her leash, she is in her carrier). Thank you so much for everything!


Yvonne and Grace,


Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that Dexter has really adjusted well. He is so adorable-is learning to use pee pads (you must have already been working with him). We are just so delighted to have him.

Thanks again! Ondrea N