At Cavapoos-R-Us, our vision is quality, not quantity!!!

History of Cavapoos - R - Us

Cavapoos-R-Us was founded by Grace Hanna, but includes dedicated family members that are devoted to the breed. We strive for a balance of HEALTH, TEMPERAMENT, BEAUTY and QUALITY in all of our puppies. Our family has a great understanding of Dog Behavior, Obedience, Socialization, Temperament Training, Animal Care and Dog Psychology. When you adopt a puppy from Cavapoos-R-Us, we will provide you with quick, easy and effective methods for common and predictable behavior problems. We’ll cover “Before You Get Your Puppy”, “After You Get Your Puppy” and “How to Train Your New Puppy” through proper communication. We want to help transition your “Cavapoos-R-Us” puppy to their new home and get you started on the right foot from adolescence to adulthood. It is our goal to set you and your puppy up for success! The “Cavapoos-R-Us” family members are a great team when it comes to raising fantastic Cavapoo puppies from Champion bloodlines!


The team includes:


Grace – I have enjoyed raising puppies with my family since I was 4 years old, initially starting with the Bichon Frise. I learned from the very beginning the importance of a solid breeding program. I am dedicated to raising the absolute FINEST Cavapoo puppies with OUTSTANDING PERSONALITIES!!


Zeke – Co-Founder/Co-Breeder of Cavapoos-R-Us: I have been involved in the animal care business, particularly dogs, as a veterinarian technician for a number of years. Our vision is QUALITY not quantity, therefore we breed only a few litters each year. We take great satisfaction in our Cavapoo Puppies and in their lineage, but admire them above all else for their companionship and for the love that they give.


Yvonne – Mother and Mentor of Grace: I have been involved in breeding high quality, Champion lineage dogs for over 15 years. One of the things that MY mentor once said to me was “Yvonne, anyone can breed two dogs together…….what sets one breeder apart from another is the QUALITY of puppies you are providing to the families that are placing their trust in you! Remember that “Longevity Depends on Quality.” I receive such gratification from the wonderful feedback, the relationships that have formed over the years and the joy our puppies bring to so many families!


If it is your desire to bring the MOST EXCEPTIONAL Cavapoo puppy into your life, then look no further, you have come to the right place! When it comes to breeding a sound and healthy Cavapoo, we make no compromises.


  • Remember, quality plays a huge role in the longevity of the puppy you adopt! Our puppies come from Champion Bloodlines!!!
  • All of our adult dogs and puppies live in a loving home environment on 5 acres in the shadows of the beautiful East Tennessee Mountains.
  • Our adults and puppies are given the best food…. even ground turkey or beef for added protein, water (reverse osmosis or filtered), vitamins, calcium and the finest veterinarian care available. No expense is spared for proper prenatal care, stud care, nutrition and over all health!
  • Each puppy is hand delivered (we assist with every birth) and monitored to guarantee correct weight gain, calcium levels, health and well being. In doing so, we make it a point to sleep next to each new litter of babies after they are born.
  • Cavapoos - R - Us babies are well socialized with EXCELLENT TEMPERAMENTS. We want to make certain that we have given them the very best start we can.
  • We spend a considerable amount of time with our puppies and they are already FAMILIAR WITH HOUSEHOLD NOISES such as the telephone, music, vacuum, dishwasher, laundry, TV, etc.
  • We have already begun to crate train (ready to sleep most of the night) and we begin potty training fundamentals before they arrive at your home. This has proven time and time again to make all the difference in the world for YOU, the new puppy owner.
  • A Cavapoos-R-Us puppy will be typically EASY TO TRAIN.
  • All of our babies are veterinarian checked, receive a regular worming, and are up to date on their immunizations, heart worm prevention and flea/tick medication when needed.
  • Our very VALUABLE CARE INFORMATION will guide you through nutritional care, grooming, potty training, socialization, teaching manners, crate training and house breaking, just to name a few. We want to help transition your “Cavapoos-R-Us” baby to their new home and get you started on the right foot from adolescence to adulthood. It is our goal to set you and your puppy up for success!
  • Our puppies receive regular nail trimmings, have their ears cleaned and bathed.
  • Two Year Written Health Guarantee.
  • Complete Health Record.
  • Our parent dogs are health tested and CERTIFIED with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) , certified hearts and OFA/CERF certified for clear eyes.
  • We will ALWAYS BE HERE FOR YOU with our expert knowledge and counseling.

"Meet the Family!"

Puppy Play Area

Zeke, Grace & Yvonne